Welcome to KidsALIVE

KidsALIVE was established in 2001 with the objective of helping children build a firm foundation on God’s Word. We strive to impart biblical truths to them, within a practical and relevant framework, to help children apply God’s word in their daily lives.

Our Pledge

A– We teach children to ACTIVELY pursue excellence in all that they do.

L– We instill in them a LOVE for Jesus, His Word and His People.

I– We INVEST in their lives, educating them the ways of Christ.

V– We VALUE their individuality and help them to find their destiny/purpose in life

E– We guide them to be an EXAMPLE or testimony of Godly-living to others.

Our Mission

To nurture children to be God-fearing individuals

To imbue in children a love for Jesus, His Word and His People

To show children the Way, the Truth and the Life (The Way – the Gospel, The Truth – the Word, and the Life – the Lifestyle)

To help children to discover and fulfill their calling and destiny in Jesus Christ from a tender age

To develop leadership skills in children so that they may be Godly, upstanding and caring individuals who contribute to the Kingdom of God and society

Our Classes

Club Moses        Ages 3-6

Club Josiah        Ages 7-9

Club Daniel        Ages 10-12

Take a look at this presentation to better understand why we chose to name our classes thus.