Alive Community Church

MM Overview

Our Belief:

Worship is the pathway to intimacy with Jesus.

Our Vision:

Every believer in ACC is a “true worshipper”.

John 4:23


Our Mission:

We facilitate *vibrant worship (of Jesus) whenever and wherever we are called upon.

*Vibrant worship: where HEALING, BREAKTHROUGHS, REFRESHING, etc., take place in the powerful presence of the Holy Ghost.

MM Organization Chart




Choon Leong (i/c)

–       A master roster that incorporates the worship leader, musicians, singers and AV Team will be put up on the ACC website.

–       All members are to check the roster as soon as it is planned and inform the i/cs of changes within 3 working days.

–       Please do one-to-one swap for last minute changes and inform the respective worship leader.


Expectations of MM Members on duty for Worship Service:

  1. To attend all music practice sessions unless with valid reasons. Do inform respective worship leader in advance.
  2. To attire neatly and modestly according to the ACC dress code.
  3. To attend prayer session held before service.
  4. To be punctual for all practice sessions.
  5. To be a role model in worship.

Other expectations:

  1. To speak to the leaders when things are not going well.
  2. To care for one another, listen and respect the opinion of others and take feedback as part of the learning process.
  3. To learn to worship (and about worship) at a deeper level.

Enablers in MM


Specialized Training:

–       Musicians, singers and the AV Team will be sent for relevant courses and OJTs.

–       The course fees (if any) will be borne by ACC and members.


Worship Seminar:

–       This will be held as part of ACC’s foundation program for new believers.

–       A series of topics on the theme of worship will be discussed during the seminar.

–       The seminar will be conducted by senior MM members or other invited speakers.


MM Meetings:

–       General meetings will be held twice yearly to review processes, as well as, chart the direction for the MM.

–       These are important to ensure that members are in line with the vision of ACC and have clear directions while serving in the MM.



–       The MM will be constantly looking out for new talents, i.e., recruitment drives will not be conducted unless necessary.

–       New recruits will be invited to join the MM as apprentice to a senior member.

–       New recruits must have been attending ACC or TJ for at least a year and show a certain amount of commitment in the Lord.


Worship Service:

–       The most important enabler, where ACC is gathered in celebration of the Lord.

–       MM members should be thoroughly prepared and give of their best in facilitating worship in the congregation.


Music Practice:

–       These sessions are to allow MM members ample time to prepare to facilitate worship during ACC gatherings.

–       MM members should take these sessions very seriously and keep records of what is rehearsed so as to be effective facilitators of worship.