10 – 12 December   |   Oriental Plaza Auditorium
Friday   |   7.30pm
Saturday   |   10.00am   7.30pm
Sunday   |   10.00AM  OR  11.45am

Sunday School will run classes /programme for kids during impartation morning services (except sunday 11.45am service)

Services will be streamed live on our YouTube channel. 

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As we come to the end of another year, we look forward to receiving from God an Impartation of His power, grace and wisdom to take us into the new year with great victory! Every Impartation service brings us a word from God through anointed ministers who have sought the Lord for His Directions for the new year.

Rev Doug Klinedinst

Rev Klinedinst’s ministry is marked by the demonstration of faith and power. It is common to see the gifts of the Spirit in operation where he is ministering. Today he travels full time internationally and has begun the process of mentoring others in the “gift of faith” and operation of spiritual gifts. His PowerUp Mentoring Conferences and the development of the Apostolic DNA Products are an exciting new development of this very special ministry sent by God into this defining hour for the church.

Rev Tim Greene is an anointed evangelist and prophet. As a full time international minister since 1998, he has traveled across the United States as well as Canada, the Philippines, South Africa, Madagascar, Uganda, Namibia, Singapore, Malaysia, Greece, and more. Rev Greene moves in the gifts of the Spirit, especially the word of knowledge and wisdom and healing.

Rev Tim Greene

Rev Chris Green

As a full time evangelist, Rev Chris Green has traveled across America and internationally preaching the gospel and bringing revival in the body of Christ. He has witnessed the demonstration and power of the Holy Spirit through signs, wonders and miracles and has led many lives to God.

As a young man, Rev. Robert Tisdale was raised in a Christian home and primarily due to the influence of a praying mother, fell in love with God and His church at a young age. There were so many dreams and pursuits in life, but he only had one. It was to become a preacher and follow a call, not a career. Being the son of an unbelieving father was not always easy. But because of God’s grace, he bid God’s call.

Rev Robert Tisdale