“Encountering Jesus, for Real"

My Story

I started to visit ACC when I was in Primary 6. I was a Buddhist then. I couldn’t accept Christianity but I liked to attend church as the members were very hospitable. When I was in Secondary 1 however things changed. I attended a Good News service in school and was moved by the sharing. I gave my life to Jesus.



I remembered the hospitality and care I was showered with at ACC. And so ACC became my first choice to learn more about Jesus. God has been very good and consistent. He has never failed to send people to encourage me and help me through the “valley” moments in my life. I think one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in ACC was at the recent youth camp. I felt that God was distant. I didn’t really think that I could keep up with the whole “being Christian” thing – until I had an encounter with God on the second night while praying. I slowly picked myself up and drew closer to God, with the support of many adult leaders from ACC.





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