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  Mei Ru

“Only by the Power of a Miracle Working God"

My Story

My walk with God was not just about healing and miracles. In October 2017, my father passed away suddenly – he had flu but the virus attacked his heart and we lost him overnight. I didn’t get to say goodbye and he had not received Christ. I was devastated, I thought God didn’t answer my prayer this time and He didn’t give me another miracle which I thought He would.



A Buddhist funeral was held, something we couldn’t reconcile with. I prayed to God to take my father to Heaven. I believed that he had a seed of faith in his heart, because when he witnessed my miracle healing and the birth of his precious granddaughter, he said to me “your Jesus is so good”. When I was sharing my eulogy, the hall next door suddenly started playing the song “Still”.  The lyrics were ”When the oceans rise and thunders roar, I will Soar with You above the storm, father You are king over the flood, I will be still know You are God.” I interpreted it as God telling me to be still, that He is in control and my dad is in Heaven with Him





Today, I would also like to remember sister Hwee Choo who went home to be with the Lord in June 2018. Hwee Choo and I were colleagues and we shared a special bond because we both fought cancer.  One day, God but a burden in my heart to check on her and she told me it was so timely because she just found out that her cancer had relapsed. I shared with her about God and she replied that “God had it all planned.”  Indeed, He did. Hwee Choo came to ACC with her family on the 4th of March for the first time. I remember during altar call, I was concerned that she may be overwhelmed. I whispered to her that it was alright if she did not wish to go in front, but she looked at me with conviction and said she wanted to – and off she went. She was so hungry for God and as I witnessed her faith growing stronger every day, it inspired me in many ways too. She got herself a study bible quickly, she meditated on God’s words and started attending bible study with Pastor too.



I remember the last Sunday service she attended before she was admitted into hospital – she looked frail, I teared as I watched her try to keep her balance during praise and worship.  I actually asked her to sit down if she felt weak, but she just reassured me with a smile and said she wanted to stand and worship God. Hwee Choo asked to be baptized in the hospital – and even though she could barely sit up, she was singing and praising God to the very end. I was very depressed when Hwee Choo passed away. I felt that I had let her down because I brought her to church telling her that God would heal her with so much conviction. But someone shared with me that maybe her healing came in a different form, for God’s ways are higher than ours.



Then during one service, I looked down at the row of people standing in front of me – the whole row was filled with Hwee Choo’s family members, her husband Reagan, their two boys,  her brother and wife, her sister and her 4 kids, her brother in law, wife and son.  That moment, it finally struck me – THAT was the healing God had intended for, that was His plan for her family’s salvation – a result of Hwee Choo’s faith in God. I would like to share a bible verse that Hwee Choo really liked from Mark chapter 5 verse 36 – “Don’t be afraid. Just believe.” Happy 30th anniversary ACC. May we always believe in the good work God has called us to do and continue making everyone alive in Christ.



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