Lee Ming Chng

  Lee Chng Mng

“Jesus with me, through it all"

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My Story

Encountering God The seeds were first planted when I met Sandra in India. I was working in India then and so was she. I followed her to attend a church service. I noticed Sandra was so different – so cheerful and I wondered what was her secret..



I relocated to Singapore a year later after I accepted a job in Singapore. I was not doing well at work at first; I was demoted from being nurse educator to senior staff nurse. I began to doubt my abilities. What have I achieved after so many years in healthcare service? I lost confident in every way possible – my clinical skills, knowledge and outlook. What turned me around was when I went on a mission trip to Batam in 2016. God began to open my eyes to His provision and protection. I told myself I must go to church. I went and felt the touch of God for the first time. I cried so much as I felt I had been ignoring him even though he was waiting for me to accept Him in my life.



Even though I encountred God in church I went back to work doubting the next day. But God sent a patient to reach out to me. An old lady in room 4618 asked if I were a Christian. My answer was “maybe”. She prayed for me and gave a word of knowledge; she somehow knew I went through a lot and didn’t have an easy life. I met her again on the day she was discharged. She said she would like to pray for me and asked me to record what she said. She also told me to seek help from a pastor or a church friend. This was her prayer: “Dear daughter, I knew you since you were born. You thought you were alone in your childhood suffering and pain. But I was with you. Today you encountered Me. You wanted to give or do something for me. But do not worry yourself with that. I just want you to talk to Me everyday as a child speaks to her father. I want you to know I will always love you.”



 i was shocked she knew what I went through. Three things are known to me and God but not others: 1.      I don’t want to go to church to take. I want to give. 2.      My father had an affair. My mom was under stress. I was the Cinderella in my household even though I am the youngest in my family,the 4th child. 3.      I didn’t know how to pray and thought I had to pray to a divine being very far removed from us. I didn’t know I can talk to him like a child to her father. I was told it was a word of knowledge. God spoke to me through a person. I was assured at that point of God’s love. I want to be a child of God. Receiving the blessing of God, I decided to get water baptized after I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The decision was not easy as I was fearful that my future husband would reject me because I am a Christian. But I decided to trust God to provide me with a man after God’s heart.



I became new. My career path also started to change. The team I was leading in the hospital won the first prize for an innovation project. It has never happened to me.  My organisation started to recognize my contributions. I was put on a fast-track career path. My outlook has changed. I began to forgive my siblings, pray for them and ask God to bless them. Last year, I was promoted to Assistant Nurse Clinician. After six months, I was put in charge of a whole unit. I also won Singapore’s yearly Humanity Award 2020. This CNY, the doctors found fibroid growth in my uterus. I thank God it was at an early stage and could be removed. During the operation, I heard God’s voice comforting me. The operation was a success even though I had difficulty breathing. I was taken care of by great nurses. I realized the room that I stayed in was 4618, where God spoke to me through a lady. I thank God for my healing, not just physically but emotionally. I believe and trust that He will provide. In His timing, He will send me the Adam of my life.