“Transformed by the love of Jesus"

My Story

 first visited Alive Community Church in Oriental Plaza in 2005 at Paul’s invitation. I was awed by the friendliness of several church members. They always made me feel welcomed. Church for me was a refuge from the conflicts at home.



I continued visiting church also to learn more about Christianity and the Bible. I wanted to be like my uncle who was knowledgeable. Paul was my mentor in church for many years and is still my close friend today. I was sceptical about the reality of God’s love at first. But the bible studies and sermons changed my views. Jesus also reached out to me and I started to study his word and pray. Love was not a familiar concept as I hardly experienced it at home. It took me a few years to accept love and show love to my close ones. This would not have been possible if Jesus had not reached out to me in love. Furthermore, the concept of God’s love would not have been so relatable without the warmth of my good friends at ACC. I am also thankful that Jesus has blessed me with a caring wife, Jerena. He has also blessed me with a beautiful daughter, Riley. We hope to nurture her in His love.



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