“A ‘Sunday Christian’ No More"

My Story

 I came to this church in early 2013. I wasn’t baptized yet. All along I had believed in one true God. But it was only after coming to ACC that I realised His name is Jesus.Initially, I only participated in the worship and the sermon. I did not talk to anybody. But two sisters in church kept looking out for me and prayed with me. They made me feel welcomed.




Looking back, I’m grateful they did what they did. I slowly opened up.All these years, God has shown Himself sovereign and real in my life. When I was down, He sent different people to minister to me. I’ve learnt to rely more on Him and to pray regularly. I’ve realised that growing in my faith requires more than being a “Sunday Christian”. I appreciate the togetherness in a small church such as ACC. I’m also thankful for the many willing laborers in His Kingdom and the wonderful people in my cell group. They supported me in my walk with God and surrounded me with prayers.



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